Writing Experience & Workshops

I was a volunteer co-facilitator of a writing group at WomanKind in Hamilton helping women heal past wounds and develop self esteem through writing from May 2010-2015. I have poetry in the anthology “Women’s Write: Strong and Free” that was published in 2012 from this group, and is available on Amazon.ca  I currently attend the Vital Spark writing and meditation sessions on alternate Tuesdays in Hamilton and am working to start my own writing group here in Guelph for the new year as well.

I’ve been able to participate in a variety of activities that has furthered my enthusiasm for writing and assisted with networking. I participated in Poetry Slams for two years across south western Ontario and I’ve spoken at a Recovery Breakfast Fundraiser at Liuna Station for more than 300 people. I’ve participated in Women in Networking Breakfast at Microsoft Technologies.

I’ve had various publishing opportunities as well, and look forward to adding to this list in the years to come. I’ve had poems published in local Toronto Newsletters and been featured on Winter Goose Publishing’s Author round up. My poetry website has been running since March 2011 and has followers from all over the world. I’ve also been fortunate enough to meet many inspiring authors who have passed on some sage advice. I’ve been fortunate to met Heather Grace Stewart, Mitch Albom, Kelly Armstrong, and Robert Munsch.

Workshops I’ve attended include:

  • Freefall writing at the Stephen Leacock Museum in Orillia with Martin Avery and Gail Mercer-Mackay
  • Algonkian Writer’s Conference with Michael Neff, Terry Fallis and Barbara Kyle
  • Breaking into Copywriting, a 4 week course from Writers Digest University
  • 6 Week Writing Course with Brian Henry
  • Children’s Writing Workshop with Brian Henry
  • Memoir Writing Workshop with Brian Henry
  • How to Write a Best Seller Workshop with Brian Henry and Kelly Armstrong
  • How to get Published Workshop with Brian Henry and Lynda Simmons
  • How to make Yourself Write Workshop with Brian Henry
  • Revising and Editing Workshop with Brian Henry

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