Who is Andrea?

I am a certified writing and empowerment coach, best selling author and speaker, specializing in helping motivated communicators and entrepreneurs build confidence to get their message and ideas out to the world.
A few years ago, I was struggling with the direction of my life. Throughout my life, I have overcome many challenges, including abuse and other toxic relationships, moving multiple times, addictions of all kinds, broken trust and hearts, health challenges; life can certainly be unpredictable at the best of times.
I finally reached a point where I needed to decide between continuing to be in pain and overwhelm, not pursuing my 30 year dream of being a published author or taking a leap on something that could help me make the changes and let go of fear.
I wanted something different because what I was doing all these years wasn’t working and if I didn’t make the change soon, I knew I’d give up on my dreams, and that idea broke my heart. I couldn’t continue how I was going, so I took the risk to live my dreams and make the change. I took two high end personal development programs, and made a decision to change my life.
Once I stood by my dreams, everything began to fall into place. The abundance of offers poured in faster than I could keep up with sometimes.
My creative ideas were like a fountain I’d turned on and could drink from all the time.
I fulfilled my dreams and published books, and continue to write more every day.
I was able to get on stage and share my story with hundreds of people, inspiring and empowering them to realize change doesn’t have to be scary.
I’ve been running incredibly special workshops helping others work through all that holds them back so they can step into the life that’s waiting for them as well.
I became a certified life coach so I could help others realize their dreams as well, and it’s been one of the most rewarding choices I’ve made!
I was in alignment, and the universe was delivering! I was taking the necessary steps I needed to, in alignment with my authenticity and my heart was overflowing.
I am filled with so much gratitude everyday as I see my dreams becoming reality faster than I thought possible.
The risk was worth the amazing changes I was experiencing and I was fully capable of handling all the abundance coming my way.
I value your dreams and care to help you do whatever it takes to reach them. I have a wide variety of skills and experience to help you overcome any challenges. You have what it takes inside of you to do all you want to do and I know how to help you access that. I want you to feel empowered and inspired, confident you can achieve your passions. I want you to believe in yourself like I have come to for myself.
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