Upcoming Events & Workshops

You can stay up to date on all events and postings on our facebook page or email andreaeygenraam@gmail.com to register or with any questions

Let’s Get Writing: Action & Accountability Challenge
August 1-31, 2017 – Online!

Have you been struggling to stay on track with your writing? Have you wanted to develop a daily writing practice and can’t gain traction? Here’s the solution!

A month long daily accountability challenge to get ourselves writing and make progress on our projects! It is flexible and you will get as much out of it as you are willing to put in!

Sundays: you will be sent a theme for the week, plus a mediation based on the theme to help get you into the groove and out of your own way. You can choose to listen to this short guided meditation at the start of each of your writing sessions, or just go with the flow!

Every morning: you will get a writing prompt based on the theme for the week, and you can choose to write on that or anything you’d like!

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8-9am: we will have an online check in where we can write for an hour in the presence of other writers doing this program. This will also give a short opportunity to ask any writing related questions that come up or read any of our work out loud.

The private facebook group is a forum that you can post your writing to get support and feedback, as well as learn some new tools and techniques that I will post along the way. I will do a live Q&A each week with any questions I’ve received as well.

Please note, this workshop takes place fully online, using a combination of zoom meeting, email and a facebook group. It does run the full month Aug 1-31st. If you join part way through the month, the fee will be prorated.

Investment: $93 – $3/day!
You can email andreaeygenraam@gmail.com to reserve your space with etransfer, or to ask any questions about the program.

It’s going to be a great month and we will make quantum leaps in our writing progress. I look forward to having you join us!

Busting Through Writer’s Block Full Day Workshop
London, ON – September 23, 2017

Join us for an intensive FULL DAY workshop that will give you tools to stimulate your creativity, get you in touch with yourself and through any writers block you may experience

We will be meeting in a beautiful location in Wortley Village In London, ON that has space for all the activities planned, both indoor and outdoor.

Everything you need will be provided, but if you have a favourite notebook, pen, cushion or anything else to help eliminate your fall back “reasons” for not being able to write, please bring it. There will be a light lunch/snacks provided but please feel free to bring your own if you have any special considerations.

We will start the day with a meditation to get us grounded into the day and the activities we will be doing.

This will be followed by 5 block busting activities, prompts, writing, and other activities with the opportunity to briefly share.

We will break for lunch and to complete writing one or more of the activities we feel drawn to explore further.

There will be the opportunity to share more in depth in the afternoon.

**Space is limited to 10 people**

Investment is $97, location given upon receipt of payment
Full payment must be received to reserve your spot. Etransfer andreaeygenraam@gmail.com or contact me to make other arrangements if you don’t do etransfer or if you have any other questions about this event.

We look forward to having you join us to explore your creativity and potential! It’s going to be quite a special day 🙂

Positive Pens Writing & Meditation Group Dates TBD

Join us for an evening of meditation, writing fun and being social! *no prior writing experience is necessary*

We will be doing a guided meditation at the beginning to help clear our minds and get out of our own way, followed by a stream of consciousness writing activity, tapping in to write from our heart instead of our head.

There will be opportunity to share with the group if you wish in a no pressure safe environment and you will receive positive (often unexpected!) feedback about what touched the other participants and stood out for them. We are often our own worst critics and sometimes we just need that reminder that we are better at things than we think!

If you’ve been to a Positive Pens before live, online has the same format. The only difference is we will be using Zoom meeting to interact by video and voice online, from the comfort of our home! You will receive a link to upon confirmation of joining.

$5/session daytime and evening sessions available, stay tuned for dates and times

I look forward to you experiencing this new platform and meeting new people. Let’s connect, share and heal through creativity!

Journey Into Self Love Series Dates TBD

It will be a beautiful time of learning and discussion, taking you on a journey into loving yourself to be the most fulfilled and abundant that you can be. I look forward to seeing you out!

We will explore a variety of topics on our 12 session Journey Into Self Love workshop series to help you connect with yourself and truly appreciate the beautiful person you are, so you have even more to give to all those around you. This will be a series of 12 workshops, which can be taken as stand alone workshops but are best as taken as a set of 12.

Each group will include: Short Guided Meditation, Learning & Information with tips, Personal Worksheets, Interactive Discussion, Small take home gift

Topics Include (not necessarily in order): Gratitude, Awareness & Grounding,  Self Care, Developing Healthy Habits & Routines, Persistence & Perseverance, Dreams & Goals, Overcoming Fear, Procrastination, Boundaries & Handling Stress Effectively, Self Esteem, Confidence & Assertiveness, Listening to your Intuition

Preregistration required with $10 deposit to secure your spot either etransfer to andreaeygenraam@gmail.com or contact me to make arrangements in person

$25/class or $20 with food bank donation
Stay tuned, dates TBD
We look forward to having you join in the exploration of this important topic. You deserve to invest in yourself!

Grown Up Play Date Dates TBD

Be silly be social be creative
Grown Up Play dates are a way to help combat stress & seasonal mood struggles & give a low key relaxed place to be social.
This is a self directed gathering with all materials provided (colouring, craft bucket with pipe cleaners, stickers, pom poms etc, canvases, paint, poster board, magazines, & more, reasonable requests accepted)
2 – 4pm $20 or $15 with a food bank donation