• Writing Coaching: We work together and assess your motivation styles and what your goals are for your writing. You can get that book published, articles submitted and blog started to live your author dreams!
    • starting at $100/hr, packages available for longer duration/ongoing support
    • $1500/month for full writing support, accountability, feedback and editing, as well as resource support (for publishing both traditional and self publishing)
  • Empowerment & Transition Coaching: We assess your motivation styles and work together to help you thrive through change and make lasting shifts in your life to live in the abundance and happiness you deserve!
    • starting at $1000/month, packages available for longer duration/ongoing support


  • Motivational Speaking Engagements:  Speaking about hope, motivation, overcoming fears, addiction (drug, food, codependency, distraction) and other barriers, thriving through change, turning your dreams into reality, self esteem and self love, metaphysical empowerment, writing and publishing a book
  • Personalized Guided Meditation $25

Author Engagements

Other Events and Products

  • Online Courses coming soon
    • Getting Your Book Written & Publishing Options
    • Manifesting Your Dreams to Reality
    • Moving Through Change with Joy
  • Videos about personal development and metaphysical topics
  • Writing Workshops
    • Busting Through Blocks
    • Empowered Pens Writing Group
    • Let’s Get Writing Accountability
    • Rise & Write Group
  • Self Improvement Workshops
    • Gratitude
    • Meditation, Awareness & Grounding
    • Self Care, Developing Healthy Habits & Routines
    • Persistence & Perseverance
    • Dreams & Goals
    • Overcoming Fear & Procrastination
    • Boundaries & Handling Stress Effectively
    • Self Esteem, Confidence & Assertiveness
  • Writing Day and Weekend Retreats
  • Writing Block Busting Card Deck Coming soon! $25
  • Affirmation Card Deck Coming soon! $25

Stay tuned to facebook or email to get on the list for more details of event date and times

Metaphysical Services

  • Custom & Guided Meditations   $25 for personalized
  • Smudging & Clearing of Space   $40
  • Animal Messenger Oracle Deck coming soon! $25
  • Metaphysical Workshops
    • Listening to your Intuition
    • Connecting to your spirit guides & getting messages
    • Chakras & Energy
    • Connecting to what Resonates: Crystals, Oils, Sound, Pendulums, and more
  • Dream Interpretation: Discussing symbols in the dreams you can remember to help you find the messages from your subconscious and teaching you methods to better remember your dreams and find the guidance you seek
    $25/dream, $40 to assess patterns in more than one
  • Angel & Oracle Card Readings: Asking the angels for intuitive guidance, $25, 11 decks to choose from, up to 3 questions/session
  • Energetic Alignment using crystals, with messages
    • In Person Energetic Alignment Work 45-60 min $50
    • Distance Energetic Alignment Work 45 min $40
    • Pet/Owner Reiki Session 20 min pet/40 min owner $65
  • Guided Path Intuitive Session – $50
    • Education on using our guides & other energies available for guidance
      we explore dream symbols, oracle cards, animal spirit guides, angel numbers & more to help you find answers you seek
  • Magical Momentum Package – $100
    • 90 min Package includes: Smudging & Grounding Meditation, Energy & Chakra Balancing, Oracle Card pull, Personalized Crystal & Essential Oil