Let’s Work Together for Your Success!

Together We Can help You Transition to the Life of
Happiness and Abundance You Deserve!!

Call or Email to schedule your FREE Introductory Coaching Session Today!

I offer Transition and Personal Development Coaching, Energetic Alignment & Metaphysical Services to help you transition through challenging times and take charge of your life.  I work out of Stratford, Ontario but we can work out a convenience plan if you need me to come your way.  Sessions can also be completed through Skype or on the Phone for most services.

  • Transition and Personal Development Coaching
  • Personal Education Sessions
  • Meditations-Guided and Self Directed
  • Writing and Self Improvement workshops
  • Metaphysical Energy Services
  • Wellness Retreat Weekends
  • Motivational Speaking Engagements
  • Marketing Consultation
  • Author Services: Copy Writing, Proofreading, Editing, Basic Web Design

I look forward to helping you improve your life!

*FREE* 30 Min Initial Coaching Consultation, call today to book yours!

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