Intuitive Soul Coaching

Intuitive Soul Coaching to help you get aligned with your path


  • Crystal & Energy Work
  • Intuitive Card Readings & Messages
  • Unconventional & Inspired Brainstorming

Are you being drawn to make big changes in your life?

Do you wonder how you can become better aligned with who you truly want to be?

Do you feel stuck or are you being drawn to make a big shift in your life?

Maybe the changes have already been happening but you aren’t sure how you can live authentically within them to move to the next phase of your life

Are you curious about the energies of the universe and how it is all connected?

Through unconventional and inspired brainstorming, self exploration & energy work, I will help you connect with your inner self and align with the unlimited energy that flows to you and through you to find your soul’s why and live the life you have always been meant for, far beyond your wildest dreams!

Let’s work together to help you live the life you deserve!

$120/90 min session or $300/3×90 min (recommended)