Corporate Coaching Packages

Do you want to take your team to the next level?

Are you feeling stuck and wanting to come up with fresh new ideas of where you can take your company?

I am able to come in and offer a variety of services, starting with a Marketing Brainstorming session to assess what you are currently doing, and what’s working or not.

We then move to do some unconventional and inspired brainstorming activities to get the creative ideas flowing as the team interacts and through guided questions and activities will be able to explore new areas previously not thought of.

We will also do some personal development activities to source out some common blocks and move past them, solidify plans and ideas explored and have your team feel ready and motivated for the next steps.

Initial Half Day Package (3 hours) for up to 5 people $500, 6-10 people $750, more -price based on consultation
Full Day Transformational Workshop (8 hours) up to 10 people $1500
Follow up 1 hour sessions to stay on track $250