Silver Energetic Transformation Package

*Silver* is a very different type of coaching package and will help you to find results on a whole new level than what you might be used to. Step out of your comfort zone and prepare to be surprised!

This package includes bi-weekly 75 minute sessions with a focus on energetic alignment and helping your body heal itself.

With this package you have access to all the metaphysical services, including a 45 minute reiki session and brief card reading each meeting, your own personalized crystal pack-updated as required, dream interpretation and a 30 minute transformational coaching session, per meeting. You have access to two of the personal development workshops per month as well.

This package is intended for anyone who wants to explore the non-traditional methods of life improvement. Together we will set the intention of healing and the sky is the limit!

We will take time to understand the principles of each modality and what the benefits of each are. From there you can choose which you are most comfortable with, or if you want to try them all! There are many approaches, including the senses of sound, smell, song and visualizing. We will share in meditation to set intentions and open channels to explore the energy around us.

There will be minimal work between sessions, however, a couple small daily rituals will enhance the experience for you. You will get as much out of it as you put in, but I will help cheerlead you all along the way to discover your true self and live a life of abundance.

It’s time you start living the life that’s been waiting for you, the life you truly deserve!

$500/month with a 6 month commitment*