Bronze Starter Package

Bronze is the perfect package if you are interested in making changes in your life, and want to explore what coaching can offer you. You deserve to invest in yourself!

This package includes one monthly 90 minute session, as well as email support if required, to help you stay motivated and on track.

With this package, you have access to one of the personal development workshops,  meditations, and education sessions that I offer per month. You also have access to one of the metaphysical services if you choose.

This package is intended for those who are new to coaching sessions but would like to have an extra boost of help to reach your dreams and goals!

We work together to help you discover what your dreams are and who you are, as well as your abilities and talents, short and long term goals and the direction you’d like to go in your life. We will explore what your bigger purpose here in life is, and how you can go after that to truly find abundance and happiness. You do not need to be limited by your own past anymore!

There will be various activities to help strengthen your vision and direction, one project per session plus short daily routines. You will get as much out of it as you put in, but I will help cheerlead you all along the way to discover your true self and live a life of abundance.

It’s time you start living the life that’s been waiting for you, the life you truly deserve!

$300/month with a 6 month commitment*