Book: 10 Lessons About Life and Living (or 70 in Dog)

My book has now been published! thank you everyone for your support

Available on Amazon or contact me to get them for $20CDN

Exploring Life and Living through the eyes of a three year old Border Collie Cross can be fun and profound. 10 Lessons about Life and Living offers a different perspective on some of life’s important ideas that we often overlook or forget in the rush of our day to day. Told with compassion and humour, Koda and Andrea share stories of their journey.
“Life is such an adventure! Sometimes I have a very different way of looking at life than my person does. I am so curious and fascinated by everything. I put all 75 pounds of me into loving every moment of this great life I have. I know my person needs those reminders sometimes and I am glad I can be there to help her not take everything so seriously.”

I’m also published in: Women’s Write: Strong and Free which can be purchased from iUniverse
I’m published along with so many beautiful brave souls that still have pieces of my heart. this book, these writing groups, and this writing style was what gave birth to the beautiful Positive Pens night so many have been excited to experience. my heart is filled with gratitude.


A Woman’s Write: Strong and Free is a collection of poetry capturing the experience of women learning to understand themselves as they come to terms with addiction.
The women call it freefall.
Words, moving quickly from head and heart through to pen and paper. Silence, but for the scratching of raw poetry emerging on pages.
Some are lost in it. Focused. Energized. Words flow fast.
Others struggle. Thoughts trickle.
It is Monday night in a sparse basement room at Womankind, an addiction service operated by St. Joseph’s Healthcare. A dozen women are around the table. An unlikely group who, in most ways, have little in common.
What they do have in common connects them immediately and powerfully. They are all recovering addicts. Some are alcoholics, some are drug users, a good number are both.
And they are all authors.